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January 15, 2021    Taxagent Perth

Any work pertaining to tax requires a lot of documentation, proper filing, and proper accumulation of data. Many times, we make a mistake in miscalculating or we end up postponing our report, due to personal reasons. To avoid all the glitches, it is always safest to get hold of a tax agent in Perth to help steer clear of all the confusion and get some extra help instead. The date of lodging your income tax return statement is 31st October. The problem that arises if you delay your tax lodging leads to an extra charge as a penalty, by the ATO. Another advantage that comes with working with a registered tax agent is that you can get adjust your payment time and extend it up to six months.

Tax agents in Australia help you figure out your financial income, how much tax you need to pay, what forms you have to pay, and every kind of doubt. These agents are acknowledged by ATO who help you figure out all about your company tax return or individual tax return. Here are some of the steps provided to help you figure out the tax return procedure with the help of these agents.

1st Step: Provide Basic Information About You

Some of the premium quality registered tax agent services promise to deliver all the co-operation and dedication in helping you out with your form filling procedure. You have to provide your basic information like Tax File Number (TFN), Bank Details, and Australian Business Number (ABN) to begin with. Your tax experts can help you with providing details about your possible estimate of a tax return.

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2nd Step: A Productive Consultation with the Tax Agent Expert

An expert in tax policies will always aim to maximize your tax return. A tax agent will call to discuss about your income details, deductions and all the details about profit or gain to help you sort and see through an estimated tax refund you can possibly receive. The basic documents needed to lodge a tax file return are:

  • ABN Records
  • PAYG Summary
  • Rental Income Details
  • Medicare Allowance Clearance
  • Records Of Any Private Health Insurance
  • VISA Details
  • Records Of Your Shares And Dividends

All these documents must be available to you. Although these details stay securely in ATO portal for details of your PAYG and other income related information. Either way, your tax agents will verify all the documents in order to proceed with the tax return lodging.

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3rd Step: Permit Your Tax Agent to Lodge Tax Return and Estimate a Tax Refund

Co-operate with your tax agent and authorise them to look into your details and make out how much you owe or due to receive. This is done only after lodging tax return and make an estimate of overalls by deducing, adding and understanding profits or losses made. Listen and consult intently with your agent to know everything.

4th Step: Steered Clear of All the Formalities

On this step, you know that you have compiled all your data, submitted them, and permitted access to your tax agent to figure out where you stand as per tax refund or further payment. Choose a trusted and registered tax agent, who is approved and recognised by ATO to be sure before carrying on the task.

The tax agents do the job of calculating your income values, credits and deductions made. The date of tax return can only be extended under special conditions, owing to health issues primarily. So, be careful to submit all the necessary details and lodge your tax return statement within the stipulated period of time.

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