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When you fail to pay your duties on time in Australia you become subject to late tax Return lodgement. When that happens, contact us in Perth immediately. We have a team of certified tax agents to help you out. In case you fail to lodge your taxes on time, then you became liable for late tax lodgement. Then you are incurred by a penalty if you had lodged a statement, report or return with the ATO.

How can we help? 

The fact is late tax Return Australia occurs in Australia a lot. Sometimes, when people fail to meet their taxing liabilities, it incurs them with the late tax return. We have a team of late tax agents in Perth to resolve this matter effectively. They understand late tax lodgement doesn’t have to be intentional all the time. Your late income tax agent will help you with the following activities.

Calculation of your FTL penalty at the rate of a single penalty unit every 28 days.
Application of your FTL penalty and
Requesting the remission of your penalty.

By hiring a Tax Agent Perth from us you can also get an exemption from your penalty. To know more, contact us right now.

Do You Need to Lodge Late Tax Return?

Yes, you do need to apply for a late tax return in case you couldn’t lodge it on time. Most of the Australians are required to lodge tax returns every year. On the flip side, some people find it complex or tedious enough to lodge their tax returns. So, how all can you lodge tax return late efficiently? To do that, call us today! Our tax accountants can assist you in lodging an error-free late tax return.

Lodge Your Late Tax Return With Us In Perth!

The action of filing a tax return late becomes even more substantial when you have an adequate amount of statements and receipts. The ATO usually collect information from government agencies, employers and banks alike concerning your income. Our professionals will assist you in checking your lodgement status to verify the due year of your tax payment. We will also retrieve the necessary details which have been reported to the ATO. If these data match with your Tax File Number, then you can move ahead.

Ensure The Best Late Tax Return Lodgement!

So, do you wish to ascertain the best late tax filing for yourself? Then hire one of our tax agents in Perth immediately.

Extension to Lodge Tax Return Late

There are certain circumstances which can get you an extension to lodge your late tax return successfully. Say, for instance, you were unable to lodge due to a geographical or general issue. Some prominent examples include widespread system disruption and natural disasters etc. Trust our taxing company in Perth to avail out unmatched services. We will assist you at every step until you attain a substantial deferral date. We can help you get a deferral for your late tax filing in the following ways.

  • You can lodge for a deferral request online in assistance of any of our tax agents.
  • You can also complete the present online application mode through a registered tax agent of our company.

Importance of Lodgement Extension

You must hire a Tax agent in Perth from us. Then, you should obtain a deferral date concerning your late tax return lodgement. This way you can get an extension to lodge your late tax return effectively. Not only this, but you will also get some extra time to do the same. The best part is you won’t get subject to a Failure to Lodge (FTL) penalty for doing this. Trust us in Perth to get the best assistance in this regard.

How Registered Tax Agent Will Help You in Overdue Tax Return Filing? 

When lodging tax return late, our professional assistance can help you in many ways. So, hire a Late Income Tax Agent from us. Your agent will also match the past privileges you are entitled. In return, you can expect any of the benefits stated below.

  • Academic tax refund
  • Baby bonus
  • Family payment and
  • Superannuation co-contribution

The lodgement of your late tax Return becomes extremely easy the moment you contact us! We can also assist you in updating your annual reminders, logbooks, and record cards effectively.

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To lodge your late tax returns may seem difficult when you do it alone. Conversely, when you contact us, the same task no more remains complex. We understand that overdue tax return may impose immense stress on you. Call us or email us your relevant requirements today! We will revert to you as soon as possible. We have a team of taxing accountants who are knowledgeable enough to provide you with the best assistance.

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So, hire a Tax Agent Perth from our outstanding team right now! We will ensure the most satisfying lodgement of your late tax return in Australia.

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